Understand your competitors accurately

Top-performing large retailers and brands use Anakin's pricing data, trends and insights to make smart decisions and increase revenues by upto 12%.
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We’ve helped large brands and retailers in 20+ countries to gain more market share.
Track granular pricing and vendors of your competitors
Slice, dice and visualize the data
Track the categorical sentiments on your and your competitors' products and features

Anakin gets accurate data faster!

•  Custom scraping
•  Product matching
•  Data as API in all formats
•  99.2% average match rate
•  Flexible and Scalable
•  Global coverage
"We were able to get only 15,000 of our competitors restaurants whereas Anakin gave us 23,000. Our decisions and strategy changed immediately. We didn't know we were losing out on such treasure of information."
– A Food delivery company in europe

High Accuracy

Anakin collects and delivers tens of millions of competitive prices daily.

With a 99% average match and delivery rate, you can be assured of the highest quality of any data you need.

Flexible. Scalable. Bespoke!

Get the latest prices, shipping prices, availability, sellers, promo, product attributes or any other product characteristics. Your matches will be on time regardless of format, languages, markets, pricing zones, currencies, and other factors.

What's more, you can schedule scraping according to your requirements – once a month, a week, a day, or even every 15 minutes. Your matches will be on time regardless of format, languages, markets, pricing zones, currencies, and other factors.

Dedicated adoption and service

Our team helps you in integrating it with your system. We are very flexible and provide data in all widely used formats - FTP, Amazon S3, Google Sheets, Azure Blob storage, API, Flat files, etc.

You would have a dedicated high-touch customer success manager who would be your point of contact for everything.

Slice, Dice, Visualize, Analyze!

You can slice, dice and visualize your data to generate insights quickly and it is simpler than using Pivot tables on MS Excel.

Customers love us!

"Anakin's Data showed us that we were losing out to our competitors on a small but swiftly growing category. Now, we are the market leader!"
"Anakin Pricing helps us to price our products and strategically expand our inventory. We use it daily."

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You may be losing out on 12% of your revenue.
Grow revenues with accurate data of your competitors.

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